IIENetwork Individual Membership Application

IIENetwork Individual Membership Application   
Thank you for your interest to join an IIE Membership. 
This is the IIENetwork Membership Application for Individuals. If you are seeking an organizational membership, please go here.

IIENetwork Membership Application for Individuals

IIE welcomes individuals to join the global membership network of more than 1,500 organizations and 10,000 professionals receiving various member benefits and resources to support international education strategies, partnerships, and other areas of interest. Individual memberships are intended for those who are not affiliated with an organization that has IIENetwork membership and the membership benefits solely serve the individual. This includes membership options for individual professionals, students, and retirees. 

We encourage those who are interested in joining the IIENetwork to review the membership details, including the member options and annual dues. Please communicate with the IIE Memberships team via memberships@iie.org to discuss your interests and/or questions prior to submitting an application.

  • To start the online application for individual membership, please input the requested information below. Asterisks indicate required information.  
    • Select the 'Member Type' that best fits your individual membership affiliation.
    • Complete your contact information and input your 'Individual Online Directory Description'. This description will be displayed in the Member Directory for others in the IIENetwork to view. 
  • Select your annual dues payment method.
  • The IIE Memberships team will review your application.
  • Once an application is approved, you will receive information about the next steps to initiating your membership. 

If you need assistance to complete the application, you can reference our Resource Center for the 'How to Apply for IIENetwork Membership' guide and contact membership@iie.org

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