Membership Terms and Conditions

IIE Memberships Terms and Conditions
IIE's membership associations, the IIENetwork and the IIE Global E3 Consortium, are created and maintained by the Institute of International Education (IIE) to share our extensive knowledge and decades of experience with others who are working to strategize and actualize international education efforts on their campuses or in their organizations. IIE members in good standing have access to the IIE Memberships Portal and our member-offered benefits and resources. 

As a member, IIE expects you to engage on this platform with other members and our team in a way that fosters harmonious, productive relationships and encourages mutual respect.

IIE prohibits harassment of any kind, including actions, words, jokes, comments, or visual representations that are unwelcome or uncomfortable to the recipient that are based on race (inclusive of traits historically associated with race, including, but not limited to, hair texture and protective hairstyles such as braids, locks or twists), color, national origin, alienage, ancestry, citizenship, religion, creed, sex, gender, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, age, disability, marital, familial or partnership status, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity and expression.

IIE values your privacy, and we encourage you to read our Privacy Statement that is located on the privacy page on IIE’s website.

The Privacy Statement outlines how IIE handles your data and includes the types of data we process, why we process it and with whom we share it.

All materials are copyrighted and are provided solely for personal and institutional purposes, and not for commercial use. We reserve the right to modify the IIE Memberships Portal and any of its content, and to restrict your access to all or any portion of the Portal at any time in our sole discretion. You agree to comply with all applicable laws when using this Portal.

IIE does not sell our member’s information under any circumstances. Members are expected to use the member directory and any contact information to engage in dialogue, not commerce. Members should never share other members’ contact information for commercial or advertising purposes.

IIENetwork Membership Details

Failure to renew your IIENetwork membership on or before your expiration date will result in automatic membership termination.

If a member seeks to terminate their membership early: 

  • The member is responsible for notifying IIE in writing of the requested IIENetwork member termination by email to and/or certified mail addressed to Attn: IIENetwork Membership, Institute of International Education, One World Trade Center, 36th Floor, New York, NY, 10007, subject to any change of address, written notice of which will promptly be provided. 
  • IIE is responsible for reviewing the termination request. Should IIE approve the termination request, then the organization or individual holding the IIENetwork membership will be deactivated as a member; thereby, terminating their access to the benefits of the membership.
If a refund on annual dues is requested, IIE may consider, at its sole discretion, issuing a repayment prorated to the date of the termination notice if membership has not exceeded 50% or more of the membership year. Membership dues cannot be refunded for any time when members were receiving and had access to IIENetwork member benefits.

Membership may be terminated if any one of the following occurs:
  • Both the IIENetwork member and IIE agree to terminate by mutual consent; or
  • A member misrepresents the IIENetwork membership through verbal, written, or other displays. Specific grounds for termination, include but are not limited to: (1) violation of any applicable laws and regulations; (2) engaging in any illegal income-producing activity; (3) material misrepresentation of the IIENetwork; (4) actions taken that would place the work of IIE at risk; (5) conduct considered prejudicial to IIE; (5) attempting to sell, assign or otherwise transfer to a third party any of IIE’s membership benefits and/or intellectual property; (6) and/or any other circumstances that in IIE’s sole discretion warrant membership termination; or, 
  • IIE decides to suspend or terminate the membership in whole or in part, at any time, and for any reason, by providing written notice of the effective date of the suspension or termination to the member.

Become A Member

IIENetwork: We are excited to welcome new organizational and individual members. Please see more details here.

Global E3: If you're interested in joining, please review the application process.